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Trans question

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Hi guys..have a question about my trans.I have a 57 chevy with a 1972 350 4bble engine.Have had for quite awhile and have always wondered about trans.Ihave park,reverce,netrual, and drive but no low gear.My shifter(which it orginal) will go down into a low position but tranny doesn't change.Do I have something going on with it or can you tell me the name of tranny..
Thanks Terry
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probably is a linkage problem, either out of adjustment or worn,
AI confused a 57 has park, neutral, drive, low,reverse. Do myou have a later model powerglide.
this goes park,reverse,nuetral,drive then shifter can go down one more notch down like it would be a low but doesn;t feel any different then when in drive
You may have a Turbo-glide trans. :confused0006:
would that mean no low but maybe drive1 and drive 2
look at the pan and tell us the shape of the pan or post a picture
You may have a Turbo-glide trans. :confused0006:
forgot about that one, owned a 56 for almost 40 years but have never personally seen a turbo glide. Let alone one that still worked
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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