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Just got back from a vacation to Oregon and Northern Calif. The wife had a exellent time. My hilite was we stopped at a pilot truck stop at Brooks Oregon and a AWESOME 55 sedan was fueling, tourqise and white, sat right, was done to my taste. Anyway I tried ro get over to talk to the gentleman but couldnt make it in time. And that was my exciment of the trip, we missed Hot August Nights in Reno by a week, dang it!!:)
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Yup, Timing is everything... Better luck next time... Later, Dave
The wife had a exellent time.
Did you at least kinda have a good time? I have missed talking to a few tri five owners by just a minute or 2 also.
Always nice to get back home after a long trip! I'm glad your wife had a good time.:D
glad your home safe gary. no place like home. :five:
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