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"American as baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet "'

We like to think these are true representations of the epitome of American, but the evidence may paint a slightly different picture.

Abner Doubleday didn't have much to do with baseball at all and it arguably was derived from an English game.
Hot dogs were invented and marketed by the Germans.
Apple pie was imported by the Dutch and English.
Our favorite namesake Louis Chevrolet was Swiss!

Even the name America comes from an Italian merchant Amerigo Vespucci, who owned a business in Spain.

So what then, is TRUE American?

To me, it's simply an ideal.

It's a principal that we can all pull together as a team when times get hard.

It's a tough, take no prisoners attitude we have of protecting the ones we love.
And a revered respect of the heroes we send away to do it......Thank you.

It's an unbridled compassion for our neighbors.
Whether they are across the world or across the yard.

It is freedom
It is equality
It is justice
It is liberty

It's brute horsepower and the technology to create it.
It's possessing that power and the sensibility to control it.

It's jazz.
It's blues.
It's rock.
It's roll.

It's more than a feeling of being born in the USA, growing up in little pink houses and grabbing your piece of the American pie.

It is a global attitude not necessarily called American, that anyone can adopt regardless of where they are located or what nationality they are.

It's a crusty old man arguing about politics. Not because he is right or wrong, but because he cares.

It's a boy and his dog.

We all have a picture in our minds about what American means to us. Whether it's the land of the free or the home of the brave , we all have our own idea.

That idea is what defines us.
That idea is what elevates us.
That idea is what makes us TRUE American.

Between our borders or in the depth of space, TRUE American is in our hearts.

:flag6:Happy Independence Day America!:flag6:

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:flag6:Happy Independence Day America!:flag6:

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