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Hi all,
I am just about to load a new trunk floor into my 57HT. During a dummy fit I noticed there was some large gapping occurring where the trunk floor meets the rear of the inner wheel arch next to where the tailpan seam is. I was wondering if anyone had some good photos of this area to share so I can see how its supposed to mate up. (this area is the rear corners of the trunk)
Before the final trunk fit up I need to repair some rust at the rear lower wheel arch where it meets the floor (most rear ward corner of trunk floor). I have purchased some repair sections made by Shermans but these dont replicate the originals very well. Has anyone had experience with rust in this area (must be common?) If so did you use replacements or make your own sections.
As my original floor/tailpan/reinforcement basically crumbled during removal I dont really know how the panels matched up.
Any photos or advice much appreciated
Cheers Tommo
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