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Turn Signal Reset

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I heard a very light "snap" driving around the other day and since then the turn signal does not reset after making a right turn. Left works just fine. It's not a big deal, just annoying.

I haven't taken it apart yet, but I can't seem to find just the cam for sale. Do I need to buy an entire switch + wiring?

... and does it really require taking the wheel off?
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One of the pawls broke and you have to take the wheel off to get to it. :sad0049:
No wonder I couldn't find them. It's a pawl.
Not looking forward to the fix.

Thanks for the fast response!
You can borrow a steering wheel puller from most auto parts stores. The cancelling cam in this picture is on the bottom of the wheel. Picture curtorsy of TRI-FIVE Library.....
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Think I would replace the bushing and rubber pads as well.
Is there an American made kit other than the chinese crap available from Ecklers or Danchuck? I replaced mine about 6months ago, pawls, bushings, mechanism and pads. Well they've failed both pawls have broken. I'm so tired of spending good money for simple parts only to have them fail:mad0028:
Not sure GR....However, East Coast Chevy sells the individual parts.
Thanks David I'll give them a call...sure hope they have a better quality part than Danchuck or Ecklers...
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