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time for update/pics
bought a 2006 gravely 252z commerical zero turn, just turned 300 hrs, has eze computer, power deck, up/down for adjustment per inch, air ride seat, and 52 inch deck.
ended up gettn it from a ole friend that I worked with @ 3m. Nice condition, he mowed his place only, around 7 acreas
good buy too:happy0030:
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Nice machine!
300 hours on a 4 year old amounts to 6.12 hours a month!
It's still practically brand new!
And looks it.
Looks like you have a great find.....congrats.
nice find!!!
Great machine!! looks like you got a great deal.
I`d say that you did quite well on it.
congrats randy! :five: ..........that is a monster :tu
Only way to fly!
I have a new Hustler 54". It repalced the 38" Toro, that ran flawlessly for 15 yrs. Just tooooo slow for the acreage, [And me being so old!] Went from just over 2hrs to just under 1 hr!!
Awesome mower , looks like a great machine Randy......:tu
Niice buy. Gravely is a very good mower with heavy deck and spindles. Just keep it greased, clean the deck and serviced and it will last a good long time.
Hummmmmmmm dropped spindles, disc brakes, polished Americans, big-block..:)
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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