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Since my last update, I have removed the frame and cut out the floor. Working on cutting the trim around the outside...having a lot of problems because some idiot undercoated the car with tar 20 years ago..oh wait a minute that was me!!:eek:

Found out that I am going to have to replace the rockers and also the rear wheel wells are bad...I am a little confused on what procedure to go with, should I put the rockers in first, then the floor, then the wheelwells, then the trunk or is there a better way??? Have the car up on blocks and have braces welded in.

Thanks in advance for any help sent my way!

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Great progress already! I don't know about the guess (and that's only a guess) is that you'd want to install the floor before removing the outer rockers (since you've already cut the old floor out).

All things considered, I think I'd finish with the floor removal, then replace the wheelhouses (while you've got plenty of room to work on them), then install the new floor. Once you've got that all lined up and stable, I'd go after the rockers & trunk--and at that point I doubt the order matters.

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