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Vinage Air Question

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Has anyone had any problem with there fan switch, I was going to car show saturday and the AC fan stop working, Pull over and check on it and it would come on in the high speed and stop but the compressor would come on every time I turn it on, I would turn the switch off and on but it would just work sometime until the gen light came on and I just turn it off and drove it home and pull the battery cable off until I can check it out. Would it be the fan switch or the relay any suggestion. Thanks Bill: :confused0006:
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What system do you have, cable or electronic? If the gen light came on, it sounds like it could be the fan speed controller or resistors, (depending on the system) may have shorted out. Did the gen light stay on or just while idleing and running the A/C? If it was a relay, I don't think the compressor would run.
Thanks for the reply, its a cable type, the gen light came on at idle just when the system was on high speed, I hoping its just the fan switch will check monday, thanks for your reply. Later BIll
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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