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Hi guys,

Pulled out the engine and trans in my 56 today and was wundering about moving the rad from V-8 position to 6cyl. position.

I'm running the sure fit kit.
-Condensor brackets and condensor hardlines are different, need to change.
-Eliminate mech. engine fan and run electric VA #370256-VCA monster fan with shroud. Anyone using this, something different or similar? Success?
-To reuse my desert cooler 4-row rad, also need the side conversion plates as well?
-6 cyl. upper and lower rad hoses?
-Rad support the same? Under hood brace has the centre notch (orig. V-8 car), that is o.k?

I think that should cover the swap?

Thanks for any input or suggestions.


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The good thing about 55/56 is the upper radiator inlet is in the center on both the V8 and 6 cyl....Therfore, the hood baffle will be notched properly for you.

You can easily make you own plates or ust angle iron.

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