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Warming up the engine before driving!

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I do usually warm it up for a good 5 to 10 minutes in colder weather. I start with a few seconds at idle to get oil on all the parts. The I go to a steady 2000 rmp (like breaking in a new motor), for a minute or so. Then I let it idle for 5 minutes or more.
-----My engine is a 62,000 mile never rebuilt original and it warms up slow, unlike a new engine that has more friction, plus it has blocked under carb heat passages and no heat riser on the exhaust.
-----In warm weather I can skip the warm up and just get in and drive slow and easy at first. Just curious about the 2000 rpm part of this. If it is good for break in, should be good for daily too?
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I don't see how 2k rpm would hurt yet remember the oil is still cold and not flowing like when the engine is warmed to operating temp. I start mine when cold and wait until the oil pressure comes up then will slightly rev it to clear the carb then just let it it idle. I guess I always hear in my mind my Dad telling me not to rev a cold engine when starting or when its cold outside:). When I ran a dual 4 set up I had a heck of time getting the car to settle into an idle so had to rev to around 1500 until it warmed up a bit and then it would settle into an idle.
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