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I'd like to echo what another member has posted. Daytona Parts in New Smyrna, Florida is the only place to go for carb work and kits. I've had several carbs restored by them in the past and the work is exceptional.
I recently got 'antsy' about a rebuild kit for my WCFB and emailed Daytona about the cost of their kit. It took several days to get an answer, and I jumped the gun and ordered a kit from The Carburetor Shop in Missouri. I'm not rich by any means, but I do not mind paying a little extra for top quality. The Missouri guy charged me $80.00 for his kit plus $16.00 to ship it. (I later received an email from Daytona quoting $42.00 for the kit plus $8.00 shipping.
The Carburetor Shop kit comes with no instructions and no specs for float level or float drop specs. I emailed him a note about my dissatisfaction and he told me to go to the car manufacturers Shop Manual to get that information.
Needless to say I am a bit upset and just wanted my fellow enthusiasts to know what you will not get when you buy a carburetor kit from this guy. I'm telling you this because I know that you don't buy carb kits every day.:flag6::flag6:
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