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Went to Goodguys KANSAS CITY, but learned a lesson

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I went with a few other people that don't have as much passion for cars. It made my experience bad. My brother in law was ready to go after halfway through it. Next year I'm going by myself. Here's a few pics.
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Although I am not as big a fan of the traditional look over the billet, the baby blue '55 with whitewalls is sweet. I'd love a set of the wheel/tires to swap once in a while. Its like getting a new car.
Watching the guys thrashing their rides on the orange cone roadcoarse was cool. This Cuda had a distinct look that caught my attention. It sits perfect and the fab work was spot on.
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Hafrod looks like there were some very nice rides in K.C. I have a friend that always goes to Good guys with me. We make a whole long day out of it. I don`t carry my wife with me because of your experience, she doesn`t want to look for long either.
Any more pictures of that Suburban ?
Haford, nice photos of the cars & thanks for sharing them. Better to go by oneself or with friends who love car like you do. When I go to the Good Guys events I stay all day, look at the cars & watch the drag racing.

Nice pix Hafrod. I like the long roof.
dump taking the b-law. nothing worse than a party pooper. maybe you should have left him at the rest stop.:D
my brother inlaw has a 55 chevy. He's :cool:.
I have had the same experience Hafrod, car shows and caravans across the country.... for the same reasons.

Better off by yourself or with a car buddy.

Good luck at the next show.

Nice cars there, hope you managed to get to see most all of them. Its the same as brining the wife or kids, lots of interest for the first hour and when its time to eat:D Then they make it miserable for me and others. We have learned to do some things not as a a family:party0031:

You have my sympathy, nothing worse than going to a big event and the folks you're with are bored before you've seen half of it and want to go home. My wife goes to some events but I've learned that I have a better time either with my car lovin' buddies or by myself.

I've seen the original Sunoco Camaro run at Sebring and Infineon in Vintage's still an awesome car on the road course. The picture you took of the Sunoco is a clone me much bling(wheels):)
Hafrod, sorry you didn't get to enjoy it as much as you wanted. Did you get a chance to see the wagon in the first photo do the autocross? It was a sight to see with about 6 "real" grown men in it, the front bumper almost dragged the ground in the turns. It did quite well.
Any more pictures of that Suburban ?

You can see some of the build at The Roadster Shop website
great turn out and tons of cool cars. thanks for pics. :five:

Nice pics HAFROD,i liked that cuda/challenger too.I go to carshows alone from now on because of that same reason,or I want to leave and the other person wants to stay all day until I mention they may need a taxi so to not make friends mad a tell them I am going alone but thanks anyways.
Any more pictures of that Suburban ?

You can see some of the build at The Roadster Shop website
Thanks that thing is sweet, wish there were some more completed pics.
Thanks for the pics Hafrod! No swap meet buys to mention?


I too think the Camaro was the clone. I thought the Black 57 with the short hood section was kinda cool too.:cool:
Great pics, Thanks!:congrats:
Some nice cars, thanks for sharing your photos.

I agree it's no fun to go to these kinds of events with those who don't enjoy them at the same level you do, going to the races is the same way.
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