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What now with my '56???

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Hi Guys
It's been over two and a half years since I introduced myself on Trifive. Briefly, I live in South Africa, and want to restore my late Dad's 56. An attempt was made in 1985, but time and work constraints were too overwhelming. Recently a friend wanted to buy the 56, but my son didn't want me to part with it. So we have decided to take up the challenge...insanity prevailed. Since I'm retired, time is available.
So we pushed it out from under the carport, and did some superficial cleaning and assessments, and are committed and excited to tackle the project.

Pic taken in approx. 1974 (Missus and me)
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The car looks very different now, but I cannot upload the pics. (Perhaps files too big). Would like to post today's pics.
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Today we did some superficial cleaning. Floorpans, panels etc. look intact, with minimal surface rust (not flaking at all).
I am overwhelmed by the knowledge base available through Trifive, and it makes the challenge less daunting, but nevertheless a demanding one!
Currently I don't think there are many 56's in South Africa, so the access to assistance is rather thanks (in anticipation) for the assistance I hope to receive.
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Looks like a nice solid car !!! good luck with the restoration ----:tu
Nice car to start a restoration on..... Look forward to your future posts and pictures.

It does look like a solid car. Shouldn't take too much metal work. Good luck and we're here when you need us.
Good to see that yall are going to rebuild the 56, and keep it.
What now with my 56

Dear JackRSA,
Good to see I have a neighbour who is a member of Trifive.I live in Midrand and have been a member since last year.I have recently had a 1956 4dr RHD Hardtop restored. Should you be interested please let me know then we can chat.


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Welcome back and congrats on getting restarted.
Awesome looking body on that one Jack,
pleased to hear your going to keep it.
Need any help...all you have to do is ask !
good luck and keep the updates coming :)
solid 56, have fun with it with your son. :party0031:
:congrats: looks like a very restorable classic
Yes! looks like a really solid body. Wish mine was in the shape.

Keep up the good work!
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