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"Village fêtes are common in Britain, although their numbers are declining.[2] These are usually outdoor shows held on village greens or recreation grounds with a variety of activities. They are organised by an ad hoc committee of volunteers from organisations like religious groups or residents' associations. In Australia, fêtes are often held yearly by schools and sometimes churches to raise funds.

Attractions seen at village fêtes include raffles, coconut shies, bat a rat stalls, white elephant stalls, cakes, and home produce such as jams and pickles. Entertainment may include Morris dancing, tug of war, fancy dress and pet shows. The American and Canadian equivalent would be a county or city fair."

Well ours had food, music Martial Arts, Wine tasting, beer garden and TONS of cool cars. Including some outstanding trifives.
Spending the day with my son, wife and trifives....what a day!

Cool kid and Cross Ram..Whaaaattttt???


Sweet 56

Super nice Nomad drool drool

Old school 57. me likee

Wagons rule! Especially with a corvette grille! Best of both worlds!


Christmas present from the owner's son!

Mellow Yellow

My favorite!
My son, not the car
(no offense, car)

All in all, an awesome day!
I hope all you dads had a great day also!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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