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What trim comes on a 55' bel air?

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Ive been looking at a bunch of 55's all over the net and see some that they say is a bel air but it is missing trim or some plain out didnt have the bel air emblem on it. So if someone could tell me what to look for or what it Should have on it to be a true belair?
Were there different options of a 55 belair, or maybe did it differ from the post to the hardtop model?
Im all new to this so please add or correct me but Im being throw off by some of the trim,The belair should have chrome across the front fenders and some extra stuff in the dash. I see some cars have that and some extras like a additional chrome that goes from like the fender wheel wells and down the rocker,and some have some around the gas tank lid?
Are these different original options or is this some after market dress ups?
Any tips or info on what belair should or shouldnt have,please let me know. Thanks!
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POD....The trim level can be added or subtracted on any model.....If you want a true Belair, find out what the first letter (or two in some cases) of the VIN is.....If it is a C or VC, the car is an original Belair....That said, you can go to the site library and see the trim levels of the different models.....See link:

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As stated the "C" will indicate it as a true Bel Air from the factory. Nothing before it will be a 6cyl Bel Air and a "V" before the "C" will mean it is a factory V-8 car.
that's a good example pops posted of belair trim,the other items you mentioned chrome along the rocker up the fender,half way around the gas tank door,they had bumper extensions also were original options that alot of southern cars seem to have.
Good info on the vin number ,I'll keep a eye on that :tu
I also forgot to ask as you pic reminded me,How do the skirts go on in the rear wheel well? Do they just snap on and off and if taken off would just look normal as if it was never there?
Just an accessory that can be taken on and off.
Do they just snap on and off and if taken off would just look normal as if it was never there?
Yep would look like normal wheel openings when they are removed.
My first car was a 1953 Furd Victoria 2dr hard top with fender skirts... After the car was mine and before I left the car lot I took off the skirts and pitched them in the trash can... Never cared for skirts... Later, Dave
POD, Take a look at my album if you want to see a true Belair with the correct exterior chrome.
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