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I’m just less than 10 years older than you, so it’s a kid’s perspective of the 70s, but…

I remember the Viet Nam war quite clearly. We lived in SoCal, and I remember folks not being happy with it. My dad was a career Soldier, so it was conflicting.

I was car crazy early, and would ride my bike to Irwindale to watch races. Would see cars that were rare even then but seemed common. I remember thinking Hemi cars weren’t that impressive. The cars run by privateers routinely got put on the trailer by L78 novas (seemed to tons of those cars around). The cars sponsored by Landry, et al, were another story. Would also go to Riverside with my brothers, and that fed my fascination for cars that could turn. Lots of cast off ex trans am race cars running in various classes. Lots of javelins, which likely explains why an AMX is a car I’d always wanted.

Watching the smog era come to cars, I remember thinking I’d just missed the good stuff. Probably why to this day, I find it hard to get excited about anything without chrome bumpers on both ends, even if performance was declining before the bumpers got ugly.

That’s what comes to mind when I read your question. Not much older than you, so maybe not quite what you were looking for. But football hasn’t kicked off yet, so figured “why not?” 😊
1 - 2 of 87 Posts