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I remember the 60`s and white TV`s....aluminum foil on the "Rabbit Ears" to pull in the stations better...most Electronics ran on Vacuum tubes and were extremely had to test and replace tubes all the time/// Black and white Tv`s ....Disney and Mutual of Omaha Wild Kingdom every Sunday night....Cartoons played every Saturday Morning for kids....Board Games were popular...GI Joes were all the rage to play with....along with Slot Car racing....and Marbles were played at Recess in all the grade schools.....I could fill the gas tank on my 1966 Honda trail 55 for $0.25.......everyone in my neighborhood had a vegetable played outside from sun-up till sun-down in the Mom Avidly collected S&H green stamps.......The Soap opera Dark Shadows Scared the heck outa me !!! in 1966 McDonald fries were 15 cents and a Mc double was 28cents, a large choc. milk shake was 22 cents( a meal and change back from your $1 bill)
1 - 1 of 87 Posts