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whats stock rearend width for 57 2 door hardtop?

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whats stock rearend width for 57 2 door hardtop? i have a couple of disk brake rearends, i would like to know if one of them would fit
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Otis just put a sticky on the site with some good rear width info....See link:
rear end width?

Hi guys. Glen is correct as he stated, the stock rearend is 60 inches wide from outside to outside of drums. If you are looking for a disc brake rearend that is a nice fit, try one from a 1997 or 1998 S -10 with the off road 4x4 package. They all come with a 3.42 ratio with limited slip and are 59 inches wide from mounting face to mounting face. It will give you just a little extra tire room and allow easy installation in the somewhat larger wheel well opening on the '57. I am using one in my '55 and am really gratefull for that extra 1/2" clearance on each side. If you are installing this rear in a high horsepower application ,you may want to swap out that limited slip and install something a little tougher. If you,re not in the habit of beating on it,they will stand up pretty well. One other small inconvenience when using this rearend is that you will have to switch the wheel studs to Imperial threads if you want all your wheels to have the same lugs. They come standard with metric studs and nuts. (metric /standard/pita!)
Good Luck with your project... John
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