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A couple friends and I have been researching the best/easiest hassle free way to add power steering.

My preference is the UNISTEER rack & pinion but don't know if my Hooker headers will give me problems. I have a 55 2 door post and my friend has a 56 wagon that we both want to convert to power steering since we pull teardrop trailers.

One of the friends has a beautiful 4 post rack at home and converted his mid 80'S Corvette to R&P and has offered to help. The rack will make it much easier to convert over to power steering.

The CPP 500 is my other option but it appears I don't have a rag joint. Any ideas what my set up is? Thanks, :) Danny


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Danny,,,,The original steering did not have a rag joint.....The shaft was one piece all the way into the steering box.

On the CPP 500 install, you will ned a shortened column and a rag joint.
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