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Why Oh Why

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Why is it that the project always turns into a bigger undertaking? Is it bred it to us not to cheat the build? Where did that dent that is the size of a pea come from, another one. Oh no………
Sleepless mornings and even daydreams in the afternoon, use to be about that cute little…………now it is the project?
Colors and more colors, set on one then a whole new one shows up. Hardware….man a dime for all the time inventorying the screws and yet I missed that 2.95 cent x 4 each. But you know what I love it can not stop……….. I see it painted and all is well……….. Wake up. Stop dreaming and measure that again before I drill that hole for my new lower Paint Dividers……………………..
Pig is me
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just have fun piggy. :five:
That is how the frame-offs come about. Pull one piece off and then you may as well do this part. Pull that one off then you may as well do this while you are in there. Next thing you know it is in a jillion pieces. :D
You gotta have patienance and love for restoring :eek:
Life don't get any better than owning and rebuilding a tri five.:D
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