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Wife Went for a Ride in the Truck

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My wife went for a ride in the 85 SWB, kinda surprising because, well it's still pretty ugly, Primer, paint, different colors, you get the picture. The interior is nice but outside not something to be proud of yet. I got on it a little and all she had to say was "It's kind of loud"



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Randy give her credit for trying anyway.
I have a 87 LWB, it's black and kind of shiny, when I got it the wife says "You should keep it, I would ride in it", looks a lot better than my turquoise 68 SWB Rusty. So I kept it, black is her favorite color, but havn't had the chance to give her a ride yet.
she took a ride in it, more than my wife will do. :tu
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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