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I may be over my head with this project so I wanted your opinion.
On my 57 I just installed mirrors from a C5 corvette.
They look good in my opinion.
I also purchased each door wiring harness and the C5 window and mirror control switches in the door.
I am trying to buy a damaged C5 door panel and the plan is to graph part of the C5 door panel onto my 57 door panel.
This would allow me to use the C5 switches.

I did not purchase the door modules for a C5.
The door module controls the key less entry and the memory function and maybe more than I know.
I already have electric life power windows and key less entry I will be wiring.

I have the C5 schematic and I am ready start by using pieces of the wiring harness to wire the switches directly and skip the modules.

Is there a flaw in my plan? Can I wire switches without the module?
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