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Wiring harness route on a 57 Nomad

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Hi All

I'm hoping you can help. I have just bought a part restored 57 Nomad here in the UK. The body is finished and the car came with a new wiring harness but not fitted.

I have started to route the body harness up the B post and across so that is fine but I don't know whether to route the harness for the tail lamps and tank sender inside or outside the body through the rear fender inner.

Also on the bunch of wires that run up the drivers side lower A post there is a plastic fixing clip in the harness, where does that fit? I can't find any hole suitable.

Does anyone have any pics?

Hope you can help

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Get your hands on a shop/assembly manual, most everything you'll ever need is in there, check out the sponsors on TriFive first.

Do you belong to the Chevy Nomad Club?? if not, great cars & great people.:sign0016:
Hi, Thanks

I have gone through the manual, it shows 3 holes near the top of the A post. It says that 2 are used for the body and the 3rd is for this clip. I can't find these 3 holes on my car unless I'm looking in the wrong place.
The body harness wires should be routed along the left side along the cargo plywood,then goes out threw a grommet in the left hand rear corner.

I believe it is only the interior light wires orange and white that go up the B pillar,that is how mine is :D

OK thanks for that, I will have a look at that tonight. I have seen the gromit on the loom but not found the hole for it!
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