This WTB is going to be a bit longwinded, so bear with me.

I'm gathering the parts to rebuild a '55 235 engine with solid lifters (stick shift car). As Dragsix will attest, the '55 235 has some quirks that aren't found in later versions. One such quirk is the '55 235 uses an oddball-length pushrod with solid lifters.

I probably have enough used pushrods to put the engine together, but spending a little extra cash for new ones seems like a good idea.

Supply chain shortages being what they are, the only new ones I found that are supposedly in stock are the Melling MPR-31 at Autozone. But, I've seen a few discrepancies in the specs, so I'm holding my breath that Autozone actually has them in stock, they're the correct length, and they're not some Chinese knockoff trash.

Soo....I'm seeing if anyone has some new pushrods they'd like to part with.

Using my recently-purchased vintage Sealed Power cross-reference catalog, it appears the following are possibilities:

GM 3836261
Sealed Power RP-3018
Mahle or Perfect Circle 215-4011
TRW 48014
Pioneer or Elgin PR-31
Wolverine PR1216
And, of course, Melling aka Mell-Power MPR-31