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Yup, a rice burner

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Wife needed an economical driver, her Expedition was sucking gas on the 2 hour round trip to work, so I ran across a 2000 Toyota MR2 Spyder with a blown engine for $3500, and she liked it. When I towed it home she says. "You didn't buy this for me, you got it for you!"

Looked for an engine and found a guy in PA on a Spyder forum with a 29k mile engine for $800, good deal but I had to wait for him to pull it, this was end of July. It's finally on the way supposed to get it Friday so this weekend I hope I end up with a running car and very few busted knuckles, having that anticipation, can't wait feeling.

I may try to talk her into taking it out to an autocross some weekend and see how many traffic cones I can hit. I will get to drive it to work in the mornings, I come home at lunch and she works 2nd, bring it home and ride my Goldwing back to work, fun fun.


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I think you could fit an LSx motor in there instead.
she's got your number chuck. :party0031:
They are great fun. A friend had one. You feel like you are sitting on the road surface. No trunk space at all though as I recall.

My wife has an MX-5 which is also amazing to drive. Occasionally I drive the MX-5 and the Chevy on the same day. They both put a smile on my face but the difference is like a Spitfire to a C-130

Cheers Tim
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